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Several persons have reported on the massacre of young boys at Mavas in Akwaya subdivision. We have been hesitant to report on the matter because Akwaya no longer has network, thereby rendering tele-communication impossible.

It is only now that we have some credible evidence that does enable us to report.On the moonlit night of Wednesday, November 25, 2020, the military went to the village of Mavas on a military expedition. May we hasten to say that Mavas, by some account, is the biggest village in Akwaya Subdivision.

The military laid ambush on every road/footpath from or into the village.On the morning of Thursday, November 26, 2020, seven innocent young boys were on their way to the village of Ehembado, carrying on their heads jute bags containing cocoa beans for some traders.

At the outskirts of Mavas, they fell into a military ambush. For a better understanding of the prevailing situation with Southern Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria, it is absolutely necessary to point out that the United Nations drastically reduced the life-saving allowance to refugees by about half about a year ago. Many have wondered whether it was not in complicity with the Camerounese Government’s policy through celebrated international criminals to procure the return to Yaounde of the refugees forcibly or through bribes.Be the situation as it may, some refugees in Nigeria have since been returning to their villages stealthily to farm or carry out some economic activities for survival.

The seven young victims were most likely carrying cocoa beans for traders against payment. Unarmed as they were, the military wantonly gunned the seven down. Four reportedly died instantly. The one seriously wounded was rushed to the nearest Nigerian health institution; while the two we see in the pictures are responding to treatment locally!ONE MASSACRE AFTER ANOTHERTHE MASSACRE OF YOUNG PERSONSTHE GOOD LORD IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM

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Source:Ayah Paul Abine

PS: This picture is not from Mavas. It is only an illustration.