To enhance democracy, end crisis in NW, SW: Rights group endorses Dr. Fomunyoh’s proposed solution

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Rights group,Botfon Human Rights Watch, has reiterated its position on different happenings in Cameroon’s political atmosphere, taking the stance of Christopher Fomunyoh, Senior Associate for Africa and Regional Director at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

In a release dated November 14, 2020, Botfon Human Rights Watch presents what it terms a second searchlight on Dr. Fomunyoh in one and a half decade.

The organisation described him as “the soothsayer who saw the Cameroon of today. ” Noting that the Senior Associate is a household name, Botfon Human Rights Watch Executive Officer, Mudoh Walter, he stated that Dr. Fomunyoh “identifies himself with homeland and believes very strongly that inspite of all the advantages out there, home is home and remains the best for every human being. ” This, he stated, “is the more reason why his authoritative voice has been heard during crises threatening the peace and security of Cameroon, beginning from the amendment of the Cameroon constitution of 2007 to give Mr. Biya an unlimited mandate at the presidency. ” Dr. Fomunyoh Christopher, he went on, made several media outings where he raised several ideas beneficial to enhancing Cameroon’s democracy. “In support of Dr. Fomunyoh Christopher’s ideas, the BotfonGroup strongly believes that true leaders leave power before power leaves them and a good actor leaves the stage when their applause is loudest not when the audience is grumbling and that if power alternation is part of our democracy, our country Cameroon would not have seen the woos of today, ” the statement read. Recalling earlier calls for the firebrand politician to run for office of president.

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The Botfon Human Rights Watch explained that he, in all humility, turned down the offer. When such an opportunity presented itself in 2004, the organisation explained. “He had this to say ‘democratic politics is public service of the highest order … besides serving one’s people is not an afterthought for retirees but rather a full time endeavor requiring of energy and vision’ , ” Mudoh said. Unlike many Anglophones in high positions, Botfon Human Rights Watch went on, Dr. Fomunyoh has remained resolute and vocal about the armed conflict in the North West and South West regions, condemning all proponents of crimes committed against humanity. “He believes like Petertosh a popular musician that it is of no use talking of crimes without pointing a finger at who the criminals are.

That is why he punches the Cameroon government on every media outing for its failure at the beginning to address the Anglophone crisis with tact and care and also the separatist fighters for its excesses, ” the organisation wrote of Fomunyoh. His book, ‘The Cameroon of Tomorrow’ launched in 2015, Mudoh Walters recalled, “tells the story of Cameroon of today, a state with centralised powers void of human rights, democracy and good governance.

It also illustrates a state with all the three arms of government the executive, legislative and the judiciary in the hands of one man, the Head of State who promotes, demotes and maintains magistrates” .

Dr Fomunyoh, who has always been very vocal on the Anglophone crisis, it should be recalled, has often urged government to take concrete measures to regain peace, rebuild the country’s reputation and “restore the dignity of Cameroonians” . B

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Giyo Ndzi in Yaounde

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