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The SDF Member of Parliament, Hon Joshua Osih, was emphatic on Radio Equinox, Doulala, this morning, March 2, 2021, that BIYA DECLARED WAR AND THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Curiously, he went on to insist that he signed the petition to the US Congress with intent to stop the war; and that his greatest desire as a DEPUTE DE LA NATION was to save the life of only just one CAMEROUNAIS.As he was speaking French, the first equation is the equivalent of CAMEROUNAIS in English.

If he means CAMEROUNESE which, in the context, would signify Mr. Biya’s armed forces, there is no quarrel with that. BUT it would be a JIGSAW PUZZLE if the Honourable Parliamentarian was referring to Southern Cameroonians aka Ambazonians; or the term included Southern Cameroonians alias Ambazonians. It cannot be otherwise, because the person who declared war is the belligerent party. It is of common knowledge that you put an end to war damage by STOPPING THE WAR by RESTRAINING THE AGGRESSOR, and NEVER the contrary!I

f Hon Osih knows that BIYA DECLARED THE WAR, it goes without saying that he is conversant with the conduct of the war. That means that Mr. Parliamentarian knows full well that, from his last three annual speeches, Mr. Biya has not minced words that he is SOLELY for the military option.

HE IS SOLELY for NEUTRALIZATION! Did Mr. MP sign the petition with intent to stop the funding of Mr. Biya war by the US Congress?The Hon MP is not any less in the know that Mr. Biya has ignored calls from every quarters for GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue. Not any less does he know that Mr. Biya has ignored even the UN Secretary General’s recommendation for a global ceasefire in all conflicts as a way to concentrate on the fight against CORONA. And it is most probable that Mr. President will equally ignore the recent UNSC resolution consistent in objective with the Secretary General’s recommendation.

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Would any right-thinking person doubt, much less the Hon MP, that, to save lives, the party to target is the HARD, BELLIGERENT party? Is Mr. MP suggesting that, while the lives of Camerounese matter, those of Southern Cameroonians, alias Ambazonians, DO NOT MATTER? NO! It more than hurts to imagine that JUST ANY HUMAN BEING would argue the case that, while a POWERFUL, BELLIGERENT PARTY is killing the weaker party for the fun of it, at times, the world should not only gloat over the massacres, but the world should APPLAUD the GLADITORIAL SHOW!!! WHAT A CIVILIZED WORLD!WHAT A SERIOUS PARLIAMENT!

SourceFacebook: Ayah Paul Abine