The Conflict in Anglophone Cameroon (11AM Washington D.C time) In memory of the victims of the Ngarbuh Massacre – one year on

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About this Event

This is the 1st conference of a 2-day long panel discussion. The 2nd panel will at the same time on Friday the 19th of February and an Eventbrite site will be uploaded closer to the date to avoid confusion. If you sign up to this event, we will automatically email you the link for the 2nd day event as well.

The conflict in Anglophone Cameroon has been the most neglected humanitarian crisis in the world for two consecutive years (Norwegian Refugee Council 2019, 2020). In recognition of the levels of violence, the US Senate has unanimously passed Resolution 684 (S. Res. 684). In the Resolution, the US Senate calls for an end to all violence, respect for the human rights of all Cameroonians, and the pursuit of a genuinely inclusive dialogue with a credible third party toward resolving the ongoing civil conflict in Anglophone Cameroon.

We invite you to join us to discuss the implications of S. Res. 684 and next steps the international community should take to resolve the root causes of the conflict and secure the restoration of peace.

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