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The question has often been asked as to who is the real Camerounese Government’s spokesman. So has it been in the face of the competition or, perhaps, rivalry, even as of now, between Gregoire Owona, Fame Ndongo, Atanga Nji etc in the representation of the government’s official view outside of the official, formal government’s spokesman. Adding to these are the officious spokespersons such as he teacher Mathias Eric Owona Nguini; the other teacher Nyamding, and you name the rest!

Of the self-proclaimed government’s spokesmen, Atanga Nji has saliently stood out, prominently and conspicuously, in even contradicting and/or supplanting the apparent head of government that the Prime Minister ceremoniously is. It would be recalled, for instance, that Atanga Nji acted with lightning alacrity in respect of the Menka – Pinyin – massacre some months back; and not any less about the woman “shot in the head” and yet “buried alive”!

Why is it that it took the hammering of Equinox Radio and Equinox Television for there to be a light, non-committal statement to issue from even the ‘nominal’ government’s spokesman about the UGLY, MOST HORRENDOUS, GRUESOME murder of the wardress, Florence Ayafor? Is not it all the more curious that this last event equally took place at the now-notorious Pinyin village?

We hold that it is even all the more momentous that one of the alleged leader murderers is said to be the son of the chief of the village of crime or of a quarter thereof: the very chief that had been one with Atanga Nji in hurriedly blaming the previous massacre on Amba Boys before any any investigation could commence! The clue and even a pointer to a possible, be it remote, connection to the current murder is that, while the said chief was most vocal and prompt in reaction to the massacre of his subjects, little has been heard from him this time around about the current crime!!!

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With the deafening silence of the several official, self-proclaimed and officious government’s spokespersons, particularly Atanga Nji, coupled with the complicit looking away this time around by the previously vociferous chief of Menka village, we of JUSTICE4ALL demand the conduct of an in-depth investigation to uncover the real criminals as their accessories before and after the facts.

This is all the more necessary because there are, to the knowledge of all persons of good faith, that there are Amba Boys and there are FAKE AMBA BOYS! Also are there clear indicators as to the persons pulling the strings behind the FAKE AMBA BOYS!


Pa’ Ayah Abine