In front of a deaf and dumb regime such as the one in Yaounde: Resist! Resist! Resist!

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If our French brothers East of the Mungo ever needed a spark to get them moving, the Yaounde rogue regime has just given them one. To them “I say stand up like one man and resist”.

Do not not let this momentum die down. The rogue regime is in panic and their only counter as we all know is intimidation. But Southern Cameroonians have proven that their intimidation have limits and when confronted with solid resistance, they bend.

Stand up like one man and force the ailing and limping regime to go flat. Southern Cameroonians have inflicted an injury on them, and they are already bend and limping. The moment for change is now or never.

Let no one tell you otherwise, else you will have only yourself to blame. Arresting your leaders is a decapitating tactic that this regime has tried before, and it back-fired on them in the Southern Cameroons. Let their acts of intimidation embolden you rather than scare you.

And to my Southern Cameroonian brothers & sisters, I understand our frustrations and disappointments with ours East of the Mungo as they remained indifferent to our pain and struggle, while folding their arms as we got maimed and slaughtered by this evil regime. Some even called us names, and I know how bitter we are.

But to you I say lend a hand if you can in making this evil regime history. I know our hands are full, but if a finger is still strong and active, and you think it can be useful in bringing down this ocultic clique inflicting pain and terror on our innocent population, then pls lend out that finger when and if you can. Do so diligently.

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Resist! Resist! Resist!

E. Acha
29th January 2018