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Can Kamto’s case help Kamto himself in the first place, and then the rest of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), to finally understand the Ambazonian problem? An irony of fate has decided that the president-elect of Cameroun in the 2018 Presidential elections, Prof. Maurice Kamto, should live through the experience of fraud and theft that Ambazonians have lived through for 57 years and counting! That is not all, that he should live through it in the height of the greatest persecution Ambazonians have had: a diabolical war declared by tyrant Biya against them for asking Cameroun to respect the rule of law. Could fate be trying to teach a lesson here?

For Kamto, they have stolen only his victory. For Ambazonians, Cameroun has stolen their territory, their only space of existence on earth; it has stolen their way of life; their freedom, their resources, and in addition, has declared a diabolical war against them to perpetuate these acts of theft and fraud! Kamto is being compelled by “standard Cameroun methods”, what we may now call “Cameroun’s culture”, to swallow the bitter pill that he was preparing for Ambazonians.

In an attempt to perpetuate its fraud on Ambazonians, Cameroun has hired lobby firms all over the world and is paying them millions of dollars every month to bribe consciences and falsify the truth- yes, this is just “standard Cameroun methods”! At home, it is deceiving its citizens that Ambazonia is a part of its country. In the midst of LRC’s propaganda and blindfolding, many have simply not understood the Ambazonian problem; many have been deceived to believe that it is an act of patriotism to fight Ambazonians. Cameroun has given itself a sadistic and imaginary mission to tie Ambazonia to itself, calling it nationalism!

NO! NO! NO! Cameroun’s theories are all false and have no basis in one single principle of international law, the law that governs the relations between peoples and countries. That same law that Prof. Maurice Kamto is said to know so much! Biya tried to justify Cameroun’s illegal occupation by claiming that we were parts of one German Kamerun. Should Italy claim the territory of France because they were all parts of one Roman Empire?

Should Rwanda claim Burundi because they were one country until 1962? Should India claim Pakistan because they were one British India? LRC came into existence long after German Kamerun had ceased to exist!

How can a country that came into existence only on 1 January 1960, claim to inherit a German Kamerun that had ceased to exist as far back as the Versailles Treaty in 1919? The territory that belonged to German Kamerun had new owners with their land titles from 1919! It is an absurdity for LRC to claim to inherit German Kamerun! Parts of that territory are now in Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, etc., that Cameroun is not laying claim to.

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So where is the logic, what is the claim? That Ambazonians made
a free gift of themselves, their government, territory and people to LRC
to become its slaves?

Ambazonia has never been a legal and legitimate part of LRC. There is no legal link between the two countries, and Mr. Kamto knows it! Ambazonians claim nothing else but their right to live their own life on their internationally defined territory; to live under their own laws, not those of LRC; to fly their own flag, not that of Cameroun; to sing their own anthem, not that of Cameroun; to use their own language, not that of LRC.

They ask Cameroun to respect its own promises made to the UN and AU; that  is, to respect its inherited frontiers as they were on its day of
independence. How does the Ambazonian desire to live its own life and not that imposed by Cameroun hurt Cameroun?

If Cameroun were a country that lived by the rule of law, there would
never be any friction with Ambazonia. We would be two peaceful and loving neighbours. Cameroun would not dream up a fraudulent mission to annex and occupy Ambazonia in the name of ‘one German Kamerun”, a falsehood that no reason can justify! But from its inception, this nation has made fraud part of its DNA!

So the question arises: is this fraud against Kamto Paul Biya’s act or
just a manifestation of the trademark of this country or a combination of
the two? When a nation has lived in fraud for too long, it gets into the
habits; it no longer offends except when it is personal; fraud because
culture; the devil rules supreme! If Kamto ultimately gets to power, will
he continue the fraud or it will end with him?

The fraud against Ambazonia started with Ahidjo; it was passed down to Biya who has attempted to perfect it in a satanic way. Here is Kamto who has already declared what he calls “secession” not to be an option. But as a lawyer, he knows that the use of the word “secession” is just part of the fraud; it has no meaning in the circumstance. Does he intend to inherit and perpetuate the fraud against Ambazonia, while he himself
fights the act of fraud done against him? Is he willing to submit the
whole matter to open debate?

Could what is going on actually help this nation to reflect on its
fraudulent past and repent, or the fraud has become its trademark and
culture indeed?

Let us walk back in history and see the premeditated evils of Cameroun
against Ambazonia.

La Republique du Cameroun voted against union with the Southern Cameroons in UNGA Res. 1608(XV) of 21 April 1961, but is today laying claim to the Southern Cameroons. She followed up this act by calling for a Foumban Conference, at which the French declare that that is where the Southern Cameroons was annexed. Of course, Foumban had no place in the UN scheme of things.

It was not the tripartite post-plebiscite conference called for in
para. 5 of Res. 1608, since Britain was never in attendance. Then
Cameroun amended its constitution into what it called the Federal
Constitution and imposed it on the people of the Southern Cameroons,
proclaiming to the world the birth of federation that never was! In
Article 47(1) of the imposed federal constitution, another act of fraud
was planted. Cameroun declared the federation indissoluble, it being so
holy that no suggestion to change the federal structure of the country
could ever be accepted. A few years down the road, the federation was of course abolished, since it was just a step in the calculated annexation.

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The method of abolishing the federation was also an act of theft: the two federated states were asked to vote, knowing fully well that the
federation was meant only to protect the people of the Southern Cameroons.

How then could the citizens of French Cameroun vote to abolish the
federation that was never intended for them? In the place of the
federation, a “one and indivisible” Cameroon was born which is now said to be unquestionable! From then on, it has been theft and fraud all through!

And not one single soul of La Republique du Cameroun has risen against this systematic, premeditated and calculated acts of fraud and theft! They all cheer and shout hallelujah at their devilish ways!

Ahidjo stood before the United Nations and vowed that LRC would never use its numbers to annex the Southern Cameroons; calling Southern Cameroonians brothers, when he actually meant slaves!

By chance, Kamto is a Bamileke. It was these same Bamilekes that Ambazonia welcomed in the 1950s in their bitter hour of persecution by the French and Ahidjo. But alas! They forgot it too soon and were the first to contribute money to help Biya in his satanic war against the people of Ambazonia. We gave them shelter (in our country that they claim today) and protection from the slaughter of the French and Cameroun government, and they have paid us back with treason. Let us never forget how the idea of one-Cameroun started. It was not started by Ahidjo, but by the refugees of LRC who took shelter in Ambazonia during LRC’s civil war.

Isn’t it a great irony of fate that just at a time when Ambazonians are
fighting for justice, for the rule of law, for conscience to prevail, for
LRC to finally admit its injustice and peacefully accept to settle the
Ambazonian crisis on the basis of international law that governs it, a
president-elect of Cameroun who had already declared his intention to
continue the injustice against Ambazonians should himself be a Bamileke and be caught in the same injustice? How can Kamto, a jurist, justify his cries against injustice and yet at the same time refuse to see the mountain of injstices done to the people of Ambazonia? How can he not hear the cries of those being murdered in cold blood, being burnt alive by Cameroun in an attempt to perpetuate a hypnotic and imaginary mission to tie Ambazonia to itself?

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Where did Cameroun’s mission to occupy Ambazonia come from? Which god, which law, which logic, gave Cameroun this sadistic and criminal mission? How can Kamto now call for the rule of law, when he has witnessed countless acts of injustice against the people of Ambazonia and never called for the rule of law, even once?

The injustice and fraud has always been that of Ambazonia to bear; today, it is that of Kamto to experience. He feels just an iota of what Ambazonians go through on a daily basis and he is prepared to go up in arms, but says to the world that Ambazonians cannot and should not complain! If Kamot’s own pains cannot open his eyes to those of Ambazonians, which are a thousand times more, then nothing will save LRC!

Even if this configuration of circumstances is not providential, it
nevertheless holds a powerful lesson for those who are still able to learn something. If there are people in LRC who can still reflect and repent, let them do so. If they all have gone past the point of repentance, let the downhill continue.

As believers in the rule of law, we wish Kamto to win his war against
injustice, as we wish to win our own agaist Cameroun’s injustice. But
this interlude in which he has been served Cameroun’s standard practices, may help him and the rest of Cameroun review the devilish and precarious foundations on which their nations stands.

I do not know if Mr. Kamto is a Christian. If he is, I would like to quote
a few passages of the Bible to him:

Ezekiel 33:14-16

Again, though I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ yet if he turns
from his sin and does what is just and right, if the wicked restores the
pledge, gives back what he has taken by robbery, and walks in the statutes of life, not doing injustice, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of the sins that he has committed shall be remembered against him. He has done what is just and right; he shall surely live.


Denis Atemnkeng