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I sat in traffic that morning my mind frantically looking for emergency
exit doors out of the tomb of disappointment i was suffocating in.
It was a long night. A night which lasted 3 days… I needed an outlet to
move on and when I wrote my escape thoughts and posted it with the photo I
took of my little friend (with eyes looking to heaven) in the Extreme
North, i went to sleep.

I woke up to realize a whole lot of people needed that outlet too. I was
shocked how many were running out through that door of consolation.
Everyone needed to justify the brutal crash of their hopes and heal from
it. We couldnt deny there was a spark. We werent expecting a fire but we hoped for a light. Something new…something different.

And believe me or not I was neutral through all that process… I had to
be.Eventhough some few times I got emotional and uninvited tears fell out my eyes. I am human. I cannot keep a stone face indifference when the realities of the suffering of my people are visually exposed and the fate of my nation is at stake. One of those times, someone next to me…a foreigner reached out and held my hand. No words were spoken…

It was a family meeting where we were using verbal communication to
exhaust the steam for violence communication. Once grievances can go out through the mouth, no words are left for the hands to say. So all is well that ends well. I believe in a happy ending for all through this.
Especially for the NWSW precious part of the nation. All has been said… give it time…we will see a change.

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Politics is a combat of perspectives not persons. We are all Cameroonians.
We all want a better country..we just differ in approach to achieve it.
That’s why there’s room for tolerance and cohesion. Pride may not allow everyone to admit we all learned from each other through these days.

But time will tell. We will be a better nation after this. Just wait and see.
We will be alright.

Frisha-Gold Ngu