BARRISTER ABGOR BALLA “If Mr Biya & Co is not allowing us to sleep we should ensure that he will not sleep either”

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Please Barrister Abgor Balla can you for once stop this your ideology of coming together to find solution. You have been saying this for the passed 2 years even before Paul Biya declared war on the Southern Cameroonians. Until this date you are yet to understand the language Biya believe in. It seam you are contented seeing us turning around at the same spot over and again just at the detriment of the Southern Cameroonians.

I’m surprised like a legal man you are failing for not asking of documental issues that made us a united Country, then we start from there to see what went wrong. And if that be the case you know where to find out about such documents. I don’t expect you to be thinking one day Biya will present such authentic papers, or even a moment to sit on a table face to face us and say, ok take what you have been asking for. Can’t you understand and change strategy?.

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