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Today, as l join the freedom loving people of the world and those who stand up to oppression the world over to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the murder of my idol the great Martin Luther king Jr, l am hiding out in my own homeland from our violent oppressors who for long have wanted my head.
You all know that l am not afraid of a prison cell or of a violent death for speaking up in defence of our great people upon whom oppression and death has been violently imposed for close to 60 years! If they jail me, FIGHT HARDER to bring down oppression. If they kill me FIGHT HARDEST to ensure that oppression never finds where to live again in our homeland!
Every act l have taken has been to advance our struggle, and every word l have uttered or written has been to ensure that our struggle becomes a durable effort to free our people. My words and actions have never been for any personal advantage or self aggrandizement! For people like Martin Luther king Jr, what counts above everything else is what advances the cause of an oppressed people and not what advances the individual! And l subscribe to King’s vision of selfless sacrifice to free the oppressed at 500%!
Join me to celebrate both Martin Luther King Jr and our oppressed people of Southern Cameroons! I love you all and God will continue to bless you all and bless our struggle for our freedom!
Hon WIRBA Joseph
Wirba Joseph Sends Powerful Words To Southern Cameroonians: Fight Harder
ByMark Bareta
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