The Briscam Prosperity Pact is the set of political, economic and constitutional proposals which the Briscam Freedom Party

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1. Why the Briscam Freedom Party (BFP) rejects the draft SCACUF constitution of the Republic of Ambazonia.
2. And Why I, Dr. Nfor N Susungi, am a candidate for the post of First Chancellor of the Republic of Ambazonia
What is the Briscam Prosperity Pact (BPP)
The Briscam Prosperity Pact is the set of political, economic and constitutional proposals which the Briscam Freedom Party shall propose as a package to the people of the independent southern Cameroons as the basis for building a country where freedom, growth and prosperity shall endure.
The events of the last twelve months have shown to what extent the people of the Southern Cameroons have sacrificed and paid in blood in order to breakaway and distance themselves from LRC.
However while it is easy to identify the flaws of the political system that the people have seen in LRC, it is not clear what a new country such as the Republic of Ambazonia is offering them as an alternative.
Pressure groups and liberation movements have devoted much of their time demonizing the Biya Regime and have not devoted enough time to what they are proposing as an alternative in the Southern Cameroons. What are the guarantees that the Republic Ambazonia will not turn out to be a tyrannical dictatorship worse than LRC?
Is it better to live with the devil you know in LRC or the Angel you don’t know in the independent southern Cameroons? What must be done which will lead the people to believe that separation from LRC was not a mistake?
If that happens citizens of the Southern Cameroons may very well begin to flee from southern Cameroons back to LRC in reaction to actions of poor governance and political intolerance and repression in the Republic of Ambazonia.
We have seen how after fighting for a whole generation, the people of Eritrea finally became independent just to discover that life in their new homeland is so unbearable that many Eritreans have fled their new homeland and are back to living as refugees in Ethiopia or have decided to take all the risks of migrating to Europe.
We have also seen how, no sooner did South Sudan breakaway from the Sudan that the new country quickly plunged into factional fighting between warlords who have shattered the independence dreams of the South Sudanese.
What are political and constitutional safeguards that must be enshrined at the very beginning in order to ensure that the same fate dies not befall the Southern Cameroons?
The only way to avoid this catastrophic outcome is to put out a plan which shall outline, the political, economic and constitutional proposals for the Southern Cameroons which are aimed at ensuring that by the year 2030, the Republic of Ambazonia will emerge as a country which is characterized by Freedom, Growth and Prosperity.
These three ideas must go together because if we we fail to achieve that goal, many will question the wisdom of declaring independence and sacrificing so many lives to start a new country without the firm guarantee thst freedom, growth or prosperity will be attained.
In this plan, the political, economic.and constitutional proposals must be seen as one package in which the ideas are mutually supportive rather than as separate set of proposals. The document in which all theses ideas shall be articulated shall be known as the “Briscam Prosperity Pact” and it shall be the political manifesto of the Briscam Freedom Party (BFP).
In articulating all these ideas in a single document, the BFP hopes to convince the people of the Southern Cameroons that it has the vision to lead the people to a better future in the Southern Cameroons than what they have experienced in the 56 years of unproductive cohabitation with LRC.
The BFP is a political party, not a liberation movement or a pressure group. It is not registered in LRC because it is in favour of the independence of the British Southern Cameroons and its total separation from LRC.
By this fact, It shares common goals with pressure groups and liberation movements which are also in favour of total independence as the only permanent solution to the Anglophone crisis
The BFP is aware that there shall be other political parties in the Southern Cameroons which shall have different ideas and visions regarding the form of the state, its territorial organization the structure of the government and economic plans and proposals which will enable the Southern Cameroons to achieve the goals of their vision.
But those political parties must also endeavor to articulate their ideas in a manner that will convince the people that their ideas are sound and coherent and represent achievable goals and can deliver on the fundamental goals of freedom growth and prosperity.
The BFP is also aware of the fact that the option of a United Cameroon under some form of reformed federalism is still on the ta and at the moment a substantial portion of the Southern Cameroons still believes in it and still prefer it as the devil they know instead of an Ambazonian alternative which they consider as the Angel they don’t know.
SCACUF has just released some constitutional proposals which include ideas of incredible alarm and political amateurism such as the idea of creating three states with state capitals that are not chosen on any historical or geographical logic that has ever been known in the Southern Cameroons.
This is evidence that Scacuf has entrusted the task of drafting the constitution of the Southern Cameroons in the hands of an occult group that has a hidden agenda that has not been disclosed.
Some of the farfetched ideas of this constitution are providing fodder to the idea that remaining part of a reformed federalist Cameroon is still a preferable option to be considered for the.
Southern Cameroons rather than to jump from the frying pan of LRC to fire of Ambazonia where the proposed constitutional ideas of Scacuf are leading us to fear that the Ambazonian rocket may fail on the launch pad because it lacks the proper constitutional software needed to take the people to their desired destination.
It is also clear from reading the Scacuf draft constitution that there is a hidden agenda to establish a constitutional monarchy or chieftaincy in the Republic of Ambazonia. Such an idea which runs against the grain of commonsense should never have found its way into a constitution for a people who are fleeing from one man rule that has already lasted 35 years.
Such ideas have already discredited the Scacuf draft constitution because it will convince more people that the devil you know is less dangerous than the Angel you don’t know.
For its part the BFP has set for itself the goal to be the first political party to be registered in the Southern Cameroons and to become the strongest political party in the Southern Cameroons and having the strongest footprint in the territory. These goals shall be achieved through the ideas that shall be articulated in the Briscam Prosperity Pact and circulated widely in the Southern Cameroons.
This document shall start by articulating the ideas about the territorial political configuration of the Southern Cameroons which most of the people shall find easy to accept because it has to take care of one of the the primary concerns of the people which is not to be dominated by any ethnic group or region from any part of the country. Throughout its history various parts of Southern Cameroons have felt dominated by other groups or regions.
Unless the idea of ethnic or regional domination is adequately and decisively dealt with in the constitution, the Southern Cameroons will be drifting blindfolded into a South Sudan type of intra-ethnic strife which will lead us back to a United Cameroon under some form of reformed federalism or decentralization whether we like it or not.
It is on this stable political and constitutional platform that the BFP shall propose an economic agenda whichshall deliver the promise of freedom growth and prosperity by the year 2030-35 for the people of the Southern Cameroons
When you read article 18 of the draft constitution on the election of the president of Ambazonia and his powers and functions, it is immediately apparent that it is all about anointing an individual rather conducting a democratic presidential election with several candidates from different parties as we know.
You don’t have to read between the lines to understand that it is all about Gorji-Dinka. Once “elected” the draft constitution gives him sweeping powers over everything in Ambazonia including the role of commander in chief of the Ambazonian armed forces.
The constitution also envisages the election of a PM from the elected assembly following elections based on political parties. But the PM has absolutely no powers. In fact he is just a ceremonial errand boy. This means that political parties will have no role in the political development of the Republic of Ambazonia.
It is clear the the intention of this constitution is to crown Gorji-Dinka as the King of Ambazonia because Ambazonia will become a kingdom rather than a republic. This has been his ambition since he coined the name “Ambazonia”.
What is behind the idea of creating three states to be known as Equatorial State, Midland state and Savannah State with capitals in Kumba, Widikum and Kumbo respectively?
Gorji-Dinka wants to consolidate his position as King of Ambazonia by creating three states (Satrapies) with which he shall share power and territorial control while maintaining overall control through his position as CIC of the Ambazonian armed forces.
The Equatorial State is a satrapy which shall be ruled from Kumba and placed under the Mukete dynasty and all the chiefs of Fako, Meme, Kupe Manenguba, Ndian and Bakassi shall be placed under the Paramount Chief of the Bafaw who shall become the Auberhauptlinge of the Equatorial State.
The Midland State shall be a strapy which shall be ruled from Widikum and placed under the Dinka dynasty and the chiefs of Manyu, Lebialem, Momo and Mezam shall be placed under the Fon of Widikum who shall become the Auberhauptlinge of Midland state.
Finally, the Savannah State shall be a satrapy which shall be ruled from Kumbo and placed under the Mbinglo dynasty and all the Fons of Boyo, Bui, Menchum, Ngokitunjia and Donga&Mantung shall be placed under the Fon of Nso who shall become the Auberhauptlinge of Savannah State.
This is the grand scheme which Scacuf and the Governing Council wants to quietly implement in the Southern Cameroons ever since the people took to the streets on 22 September and 1st October 2017 at a high cost in human lives to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia.
Scacuf and the Governing Council believe that the massive turnout on 1st October is the green light to proceed with this scheme.
It is quite clear that Scacuf and the Governing Council have no plans for any form of democracy in the Republic of Ambazonia.
If they did why would they put out a constitutional draft for a monarchy instead of a parliamentary system based on strong political parties which results in the election of a Prime Minister? Article 18 has given away the secret agenda of Scacuf and the GC. That secret agenda is to set up a junta under the control of a king who will run for the presidency unopposed and to transform the Republic of Ambazonia into a kingdom.
Is this what the people of the Southern Cameroons are dying for? Certainly not.
The consequence of the three state structure is that it will trigger tribal wars throughout southern Cameroons when new paramount chiefs (Auberhauptlinge) are imposed over others by force.
HiThe first ethnic conflict should be expected between the Bali and the Widikum who fought a war in 1952 over land claims dating from the 19th century. The Southern Cameroons will be engulfed in so many trwars that there shall be no time for economic development.
It is clear that under this constitutional plan, the people of the Southern Cameroons shall be jumping from frying pan to fire. It is for this reason that the Briscam Freedom Party rej the draft constitution of the Republic of Ambazonia.
It is a very dangerous document that does not bode well for the people of the Southern Cameroons. The conflicts that will ensue will bring back LRC to impose order by force and the Southern Cameroons will become a colony of LRC.
We call on the Governing Council and Scacuf to withdraw this scandalous document which is a total embarrassment and disgrace to the intelligence of the people of the Southern Cameroons.
If this document is not withdrawn, it shall be taken that Scacuf and the Governing Council are determined to impose a monarchy in the Southern Cameroons.
In that case, the Briscam Freedom Party shall consider withdrawing its support from the Governing Council altogether and start exploring the option of pursuing a United Cameroon under some form of reformed federalist structure that protects the people of the Southern Cameroons because the long suffering people of the Southern Cameroons cannot be allowed to jump blindfolded from frying pan to fire.

Nfor N Susungi

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