Barrister Ikome stole the show at the constitutional Council & talk of the southern Cameroon crisis

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Barrister Ikome used the national/international bullhorn to shrewdly turn his client’s case, from another country, La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) to powerfully make the case for British Southern Cameroons, than anyone has done so far, on such a stage to an audience of millions worldwide. It got Kamto’s lead counsel nervous and, he tried to have Ikome tone it down, but my man couldn’t pass up on this unique opportunity to make historical facts clarification surrounding the existence of two distinct countries prior to 1961. You did well barrister – thank you!

Barrister Ikome pleads for the cancelation of Cameroon 2018 presidential Election as he passionately talks about the crisis in North West and South west regions. It’s high time the regime recognizes the common man’s cry!!! God’s still saying something.

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