For the SECOND TIME Messanga Nyamding lost his mind and called Anglophones in Cameroon intellectually as inferior group of people

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For the SECOND TIME on National Television a Francophone “Professor” Pascal Messanga Nyamding has called Anglophones in Cameroon an intellectually inferior group of people. A group that if not of the “regional balance” policy of Mr. Biya no Anglophone would be able to pass the entrance in national universities.
This is not only disgraceful of him but what is more telling is the fact that the other four Francophones on the panel did not see anything wrong with his statement. At least none of them challenged him on such an incendiary claim.
People like him need to be reminded that there’s NO intellectually “superior” group of people in the world. My good friend Dr Chris Bime studied in his French medical school (CUSS) and graduated TOP in his class like many other “Anglophones.”
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