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In another development, it would be remembered that the concept of nolle prosequi is purely a Common Law principle. It follows that magistrates of the Civil Law and their auxilliarties need time to get properly impregnated with it. That explains why the recent presidential instructions on the discontinuance of preceedings against Anglophone “detainees” were misconstrued.

We have been at work behind the scene, explaining that a nolle prosequi puts an end to the case without the possibility of lifting the veil to identify the individual persons standing trial in the case. It was, therefore, in error that, in the pursuance of a nolle, it was imagined that it was competent of anyone whatsoever to determine who to benefit and otherwise in the same case. In other words, proceedings stopped in respect of all the Anglophones under investigation and all those standing trial in relation to the current cisis.

The most we can say as of now is that our construction of the concept of a nolle may soon bear fruits by the grace of God!


September 9, 2017
A week after my resurrection, there can be no better way to start this new public life than to profoundly thank the Most High for His unfailing love even when, of little faith, I was in hopeless doubts in 223 days of imposed retreat. May He grant me more graces never again to depart from Him, or call to doubt the eternal triumph of His glorious might!
Could someone join me to chant unendingly: “How can I repay the Lord for His goodness to me?”

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Ayah Paul Abine

Chairman PAP party