Dion Ngute blames Cardinal Tumi for failing to bring back refugees

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As the appointed Chairman of the Committee created to follow up the implementation of the Resolutions of the Major National Dialogue, Dion Ngute says the painstaking slow pace at which the implementation process is going, will require the government decades to end the Conflict.In an evaluation meeting in Yaounde, Dion Ngute expressed frustration and dissapointment after a report presented at the meeting estimated that only 5 of the resolutions of had actually been implemented 1year after the end of the Major National dialogue.Particularly, Dion Ngute lashed out at the Tumi Committee that was charged to bring back the more than 70.000 refugees seeking protection in Nigeria.

According to Dion Ngute, the commission has been the most reactive and unrealiable instrument in the governments strategy to cause the return of refugees.Contrary to the expectations of the government, the Tumi Commission pointed out that the success of any efforts to bring back refugees can only be guaranteed by the preavailing situation in their respective villages. The Commission emphasized that as long as the military continued its operations in these villages, refugees in Nigeria will on no ocasssion opt to return home.

The argument from the Tumi Commission was supported by some independent though insignificant voices who see the efforts to bring back refugees in the midst of the ongoing war as a failed strategy from the Yaounde regime.

Jeniffer DK.

Source: Facebook

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