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From today onwards, kindly and humanely refer to our people in Nigeria and Ghana fleeing the zone in Ambazonia as Externally Displaced Persons (EDP) and never again as “refugees”.

What is the meaning of the word refugee? One fleeing home to seek asylum in another country for safety reasons. Despite this clear meaning, the enemy of our progress has intentionally believed that when they force our people to flee their homes and become “refugees” they have succeeded in dehumanizing them.

The enemy succeeded in taking away their self -esteem and succeeded in breaking down their will to ever stand up for themselves and for their families. We can’t grant them their wish anymore. We will refer to all victims forced to flee the war zone as “Externally Displaced Persons.”

We know the value of each and everyone in Ambazonian. We are not second class or subhumans, we are neither low energy nor low-class people. We won’t grant anyone the license to dehumanize, undermine, discriminate and denigrate our people.

All our efforts at giving back to our people through various humanitarian gestures for four years running are all aimed at restoring and maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

As a people, we must, therefore, have the confidence to show solidarity with the victims of the struggle, rescue them from poverty, and show them love from war. Yes, our people are not “refugees” for they own all the best quality of resources the entire universe is looking for and they are educated and hardworking enough to nolonger feel the negative burden that comes with hearing someone refer to them as refugees.

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No matter how real the situation is, yet it is apparent that these are not refugees, they are just EDPs (externally displaced persons) like other IDPs (internally displaced persons). Show the EDPs love and solidarity in their temporary displacement knowing fully well that anyone of us can become a victim.

Lastly and most importantly, I am not the most important person in this struggle, neither are those of you who are not POW, IDP or EDP. But our EDPs, IDPs and POW,s are some of the most important persons in this revolution. Together with those who have been killed, they have paid the highest price for our freedom. We owe our freedom and our hope to restore our sovereignty to these distinguished comrades.

In addition to their professional qualifications, they have also earned a social certificate for paying the HEAVIEST price for our collective freedom.We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be paid with anything less than a free, fair, just and equal society called Ambazonia.