Agbor Balla addressed the Canadian House of Commons on the Human Rights & humanitarian crisis in SC- Barrister Barrister Agbor Balla au Parlement canadien

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Southern Cameroons most praised Human Rights lawyer and activist AGBOR BALLA addressed the Canadian House of Commons (committee on International Human Rights) on the Human Rights and humanitarian crisis in Southern Cameroons.

Balla has made his mark and earned his place in History defending and advocating for people. His contributions is immeasurable in internationalizing our Revolution and pressuring a nation like Canada with international powers to use its mighty leverage to find a lasting solution that Solves the core issues of the conflict and bring peace and stability to Southern Cameroons.

(Keep in mind as you watch and listen that Balla went to the Canadian House of Commons to speak as a respected human rights lawyer, a victim and witness of the Human Rights abuses and atrocities in Southern Cameroons)

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