The Yaounde regime starts the mind game on those pretending to participate in the October 7th sham Elections

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The Yaounde regime starts the mind game on those pretending to participate in the October 7th sham Elections

In a preemtive move to prepare the minds of the gullible population and their lame opposition, Ennovative Solutions Inc. a US based firm sub-contracted as part of the project to do the dirty PR work for the 86 year old Octogenerian and his regime, now claim a poll they conducted shows Biya leading with 81%, Josua Osih 7%, Maurice Kamto 5% and lame Akere Muna 1.25%.
Not that this is important in anyway, the question is when and how was the said poll conducted. By the way, when did election polls in Cameroon start having any credibility worth publishing?

More interesting is a black cloud hanging over the said Ennovative Solutions Inc.that published the polls, as due diligence findings have revealed that the firm is owned by one Marius Atanga, supposingly a sorrogate of the Yaounde regime based in Houston Texas and contracted in the PR dirty game business. Full company address below:

Ennovative Solutions, Inc. Marinus Atanga, M.B.A.. Category: Marketing 9494 Southwest Frwy, Suite 410. Houston, TX, 77074

The mind game is programed such that, after the sham elections in Lrc, the polled results will be improved a little bit, to show they were fair and that a sampling firm had predicted a land slide victory prior to the elections. This also is targeted at the international community that is pretending to be watching while giving a blind eye to the massacre going on in the Southern Cameroons.

The butchering of young men going on now across the two regions is aimed at preparing the terrain for October 7th, with the hope that somehow, something could be staged in the name of an election.

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There is a well ochestrated plan in place to ferry people into the Southern Cameroons from neighboring towns on the morning of the October 7th, to form voting queues at some polling stations in strategic locations. With a crew of Crtv Jounalists waiting, images will be captured and shared both nationally and internally to claim elections took place in the two regions. That’s the plan and it must be stopped at all cost.

There is nothing more strategically important now than stoping this election from holding across the Southern Cameroons. The Yaounde regime knows how high the stakes are, that’s why they are not sleeping.

If there’s one short term victory worth winning, it is to stop this masquarade or the soap opera from being staged on the territory.

E. Acha
16th September 2018