Dr Pascal Talla Et Dr Pélagie Talla-Kambale: deux humanistes à la tête de ASPSC

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ASPSC (Association Pour le Soutien et la Promotion de la Santé au Cameroun / Association for endorsing and promoting public health in Cameroon) is a non-profit organisation. It was created to promote and develop diligence about public health in Cameroon. Its main ambition is to develop a high-level public health centre for the Cameroonian population which provides a better public health and quality of life for everyone on a daily basis.

The founders of the ASPSC, are Dr. Pascal Talla and his wife Dr. Pélagie Talla Kambale. Dr. Talla, who is of Cameroonian descent, has been working as consultant in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Hospital of Neuchâtel in Switzerland since 2009. His wife who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo is resident in General Surgery and works at the Hôpital de la Providence in Neuchâtel. They are both valued members of the Swiss Federation of Doctors, FMH (Fédération des Médecins Helvétiques). Their dream is to help the Cameroonian population, improve the local conditions and support all medical workers while developing a modern hospital infrastructure and promoting state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

The foundation was laid with breaking ground for the first building of the CMCS Hospital Centre in Bafoussam. The founders, Drs. Pascal Talla and Pélagie Talla Kambale, have funded the raising of both hospital buildings from their own financial resources and have founded the ASPSC in 2010. Since, numerous European and African doctors joined the organisation. The first building started its operation with 25 beds in July, 2014. The second unit, providing further capacity with 40 more beds, is currently under construction and targeted for completion in mid-2019.

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Dr. Pascal Talla

Members that regularly participate in our Mission

Dr. med. Pascal Talla, FMH Gynaecology (CH)
Dr. med. Pélagie Talla, FMH Surgery (CH)
Dr. med. Colin Simonson, FMH Gynaecology (CH / B)
Dr. med. Jerôme Holveck, FMH Orthopaedics / Traumatology (CH)
Dr. med. Christiane Lippeck, FMH Surgery (CH)
Dr. med. Philipp Leemann, FMH Anaesthetics and Emergency (CH)
Dr. med. Ralph Le Dihn, FMH Anaesthetics (CH)
Nadine Von Aarburg, Physiotherapy (CH)
Clelia Sala, technical operation assistant (CH)
Alexandra Savoy, technical operation assistant (CH)
Permanent Disciplines (local Team)

general Medicine

By giving raise to ASPSC and CMCS, Dr. Talla and Dr. Talla Kambale have initiated an important step for the region and for Cameroon towards a modern, functioning healthcare system. ASPSC’s project is not only about a single hospital but actually about enhancing the quality of life for all generations of the local population, by sustainably improving medical care hence people’s health status.

Our groups of volunteers – doctors, obstetricians, nurses, ambulance drivers etc. – travel to Cameroon from all over Europe, highly motivated to provide complimentary service and share their knowledge and experience with their local counterparts at CMCS. We organise and accompany professional work stages of specialized medical personnel in temporary, honorary humanitarian missions. Thanks to this voluntary engagement in CMCS we are able to offer local patients specialized treatment in their home country. By providing training to local professionals, we are at the same time laying the foundation for establishing important state of the art skills permanently and in the future.

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Once per year we are offering an Information Evening where we brief members, volunteers, benefactors, sponsors and anyone interested about our work, answer questions, show pictures, and provide updates about our missions. The next Information Evening will be held in June, 2017.

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