How to Supercharge your Inbound Marketing Strategy Using Social Media


There are very few marketing bywords that garner more attention than social media. The reason behind this might be simpler than you think. That is, when a well-executed and creative social media campaign is in your arsenal, it increases your ability to reach out by a tenfold. 

But with today’s cutthroat competition, minor marketing mistakes that would prove to be costly, one might have quite a hard time generating a significant return on investment from social media. Yes, social media is packed with potential, yet it can be rife with pitfalls, so it is better to tread carefully. To get the best out of your social media campaign, all you need to do is learn to use it to your advantage. 

Content is King

A successful social media marketing strategy is nothing without high-quality content. In recent times, it has become a proven fact that content marketing can generate around 300 percent more leads in comparison to paid search as an acquisition channel. 

Promotion of this content through channels like social media can be very helpful in driving traffic for your website. Consumers will be more inclined to express an interest in your services once they have interacted with such content of yours. 

Quality content is not necessarily about selling. Content marketing efforts and successful use of social media develop your audience just the way traditional sales processes do. Rather than seeking an immediate sale, and by providing value over time, content marketing nurtures a persistent relationship. 

Most social media users tend to reject the content that tries a bit too hard to persuade them. The best Facebook ads differ from others for their ability to not sound like an ad, especially when B2B services are under consideration. A social media ad is supposed to deliver value to the customer, there and then. A link of your latest blog post or a giveaway will do just the trick of consolidating your reputation and connection with potential leads. 

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Taking Maximum Advantage of the Power of Facebook Targeting 

Quality content won’t have much of an impact on you if you aren’t using the proper strategies to get it in front of your intended target audience. A deep dive into targeting is essential if you are looking to find quality inbound leads with your social media marketing. Facebook will help you in doing so by letting you dive deeper by focusing on user dynamics like employment sectors, interests, age groups, etc. This way, unwanted groups can also be selected and excluded. Furthermore, you can create a custom audience on Facebook using a prior customer group that resembles your current customers, which is a great way to find new leads. 

The idea of dwindling the potential audience for your Facebook ads sounds like it might limit your potential of generating quality inbound leads, but usually, the exact opposite transpires. 

Additionally, another valuable tool for fine-tuning your target and generating your inbound leads is Facebook Pixel. It allows you to effectively retarget the individuals who have already visited your website, at least once. 

The code when embedded to your site’s content, tracks the activity of your users on the website. Apart from gauging up the effectiveness of your current ads, it will also perk up the optimization of your custom audience in terms of delivering your content to the users who are more likely to take the anticipated step.

Closing the Deal

Once you are done generating inbound leads from your social media marketing campaign, it is time to adopt the right strategy to close the sale. Organizing and evaluating your inbound leads with the right tools is crucial when the growth of your brand is under consideration. 

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A key aspect of a quality platform is that it allows everyone involved in the sales process to share info, so they are better equipped when it comes to engagement of the prospects. Your sales staff will be much more efficient in utilizing their time when you ensure that your team is operating with qualified leads and adapting conversations based on information obtained through lead generation tools.  

Undeniably, the right sales team in place is essential for the task too. People, especially the ones who are growth-oriented and constantly looking for refining their skills are the right ones for the job, for they are the ones who will share your company’s core values. 

Another chief characteristic when assembling a captivating marketing and sales team is coachability-a good team is always looking forward to new learning opportunities. They are active in the search of ways to perform better which not only allows them to find new ways to contribute to the agency’s fundamentals but also to become more effective and well-organized.

Being coachable is all about being responsiveness and the capability to seek out the gold nuggets from any situation and using them to your advantage. The wisdom in being coachable is that you are attentive towards other people and the wisdom and skills they’ve earned over the years, you are willing to listen to them close enough to see what you can pick up from them, which might help you in your journey. 

Roleplaying exercises are one of the best ways to evaluate a candidate’s coachability. For instance, provide feedback after an initial sales pitch and ask the candidate to do the pitch again. Whether or not he applies the feedback to the new pitch would prove to be a great way to induce if he or she is actually coachable or not. 

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With the right resources and team in play, the leads generated through your social media campaign can prove to be an impressive source of revenue for your brand while guaranteeing sales results move steadily forward.

The effective use of your social media as an inbound marketing tool will make you feel complacent that the budget you put in your advertising effort won’t go to waste.