Southern Cameroon: UN Sec-Gen go meet President Biya

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United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres get meeting with President Paul Biya of Cameroon for Friday on top di palava wey dey happen for di English-speaking region for di country. ”We go look wetin dey happen for di English-speaking community”, Guterres tell AFP tori people.

After im don spend four days for Central African Republic (CAR), Guterres suppose comot there for 4.15pm dis evening.

For Yaoundé, Cameroon capital city, im go spend four-hours do meeting with Biya before im continue journey go Paris.

”Na meeting wey l dey happy say e go happen,” Guterres talk.

Cameroon get French-speaking people wey plenty pass English-speaking people. Di polutation na like 22 million to 4 million.

Di English-speaking region of Cameroon don dey complain tey-tey say dem dey suffer because di French-speaking region dey always chance dem.

Why Southern Cameroon wan comot

1000 extra security don land Southern Cameroon

Cameroon: Security forces dey clash with protesters

Wetin dey make Southern Cameroon Vex?

Image copyright STR Cameroon riot police
Image caption Riot police for Buea, Cameroon as dem go face protesters for 1 October, 2017
Tension wey don dey grow small-small dis year, reach another level wen activists, wey wan separate comot from Cameroon, declare 1 October as independence day.

Di activists call di name of dis ‘independent’ region as di state of Ambazonia. Cameroon government, wey no wan divide di country, send military make dem return law and order for di region.

Image copyright PATRICK KOVARIK Cameroon President Paul Biya
Image caption Cameroon President Paul Biya
International countries and organisations wey dey chook eye inside di mata say e fit reach up 40 people wey don die, something Paul Biya government say na big fat lie.

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Guterres also talk say im go discuss with President Biya about di movement of refugees from Central African Republic to Cameroon and di fight-fight wey dey happen for Lake Chad region, wey start after Boko Haram militants enter di place.

Guterres trip go Bangui for Central African Republic na because di UN Security Council wey dey look plan wey fit continue di peacekeeping force.

Di current peacekeeping force go finish dia mission dis month but Guterress dey in support of another mission wey go add 900 troops to di 12,500 wey already dey ground.