Hon. Mbah Ndam says he’s not going back to La République du Cameroun Parliament

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Hon. Mbah Ndam says he’s not going back to La République du Cameroun Parliament.Hon Mbah Ndam says he is not going back to La Republique Parliament until he sees where we are going. The struggle continues. All MPs must come back home. Southern Cameroons must be free..

Cameroon Journal, CJ: Hello honorable. Good evening sir. I hope you can get me now well clearly. We were struggling to speak on IMO app.
Hon. Mbah Ndam: Yes.

CJ : This is Chris ANU. We have spoken before in the past. Its been a while. This is Cameroon Journal. Yes, sir, I just listened to a statement that you made at the rally there in Batibo early today. You made the statement that you are not returning to Yaounde till you know the direction that your people were taking. What did you mean by that? You mean you are withdrawing from Parliament? Is that what you meant?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: Of course, when I say that until I know what my people are becoming, I am believing that by the 1st of October, this thing should be over.

CJ: Oh that’s wonderful. Basically, you are saying that, ‘I am not a parliamentarian in La Republique du CameroUn…or’..Chris ANU seems not to have completed his emphasis when Mbah Ndam hurriedly came in.
Mbah Ndam: You have heard me say it. I don’t want you people to put more words into it.

CJ: No…If I understand you. When you say up till 1st of Obctober, what do you mean?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: I mean that, I think that by 1st of October, this matter should be over. We should be looking at Buea, not Yaounde.


CJ: Oh, okay. So what happens if by October 2nd, we are still talking about the Republic of Cameroun including Southern Cameroons – you will go back to Yaounde?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: Why do you doubt that? I don’t doubt it. I have put in much in this issue since 1990…. and this is the breaking point.

CJ: So what moved you today to have taken this position? Did you premeditate over that or it just occurred to you?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: Its a very considered opinion. I’m talking to you from Batibo, my hometown. And the people who voted me came to me. I cannot be against the people – my people.

CJ: Have you consulted with the leaders of the SDF?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: That’s another ball game. That’s one’s responsibility. I have taken my responsibility. At the party level.

CJ: Would you expect other SDF and CPDM Parliamentarians of the Southern Cameroons to resign?
Hon. Mbah Ndam : I am not prepared to answer question for others. Because I do not like those insinuations. I am here in my village. I have been here for more than two weeks now to listen to my people and I have made my pronouncements and you people have it on record and you saw the population. There should be no conjectures.

CJ: No, I mean. I’m only asking a question. Have you spoken to the chairman of the SDF since you took this position today?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: I have not yet spoken to anybody of my party. I have taken a decision of mine.

CJ: Have they reached out to you?
Hon. Mbah Ndam: Not yet because we are still in turbulence. You being outside do not know how it is going in here. I have lost PHS Batibo. It has been burnt down today in broad day light. And I keep grappling with the children who had gone there; let them go back to their parents or from wherever they came.

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