Massacre de la Saint Valentin dans le Noso-Y-a-t-il eu cinq tués selon M. Sadi: Que dire de cette liste ……

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Liste des victimes du carnage de Bamenda.

Sika Family, all 7 dead

Sika Ibrahim (father) 45 years old

Sika Assana(pregnant mother)

Sika Amsa- 9 years old, class 4

Sika Alima- 7 years old, class 3

Sika Yamsi- 6 years old, class 3

Sika Yasimiratou- 12 years old, class 6

Sika Soliatou- 5 years old, class 1

Kwecheri Gladys and 8 other victims in her family, all dead

Kwecheri Gladys

Shey Diana- 15 years old, class 6

Shey Midian – 13 years, old class 6

Shey Jude- 9 years old, class 3

Shey Tracy- 5 years old, class 1

Shey Cynthia- 6 years old class 2

Mary Angel- 4 years old, Government nursery school

Berinyuy -5 months old

Janet Ya’a- 45 years old

Family Of Pa Abdulai Sunjo

Pa Abdulai Sunjo- 80 years old

Muamshatu- 30 years old

Family Of Pa Alidu Bah

Pa Alidu Bah- 75 years old.

Kinyui, female- 60 years old

Mubela, female- 7 years old.


Shuka, female, 30 years old: (pregnant at now at Banso Baptist Hospital. She lost the pregnancy).
Justine, male, 18 years old.
Children Who Survived The Carnage

Family Of Sika

Shakira, female, 12 years old
Usani, male, 9 years old
Gambo, male, 6 years old
Family Of Kwecheri Gladys

Source: Facebook- Mireille Dieupe

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