When faced with an existential threat, you fight for survival

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If there has ever been a time to fight and defend our Anglosaxon Identity, and culture as a people, that time is now. I am directing this to those who until now have been thinking otherwise and swinging on the balance as though it was mere politics. This is a fight for survival and the urgency at hand can not be ignored.

We are not only under a military attack, but there’s also a well crafted plot being executed to dismantle all what was left as an Anglophone Identity, and this is being done at jet-like speed, albeit in disguise.

The plan is to dismantle or extensively weaken any institution identified as purely Anglosaxon, and render it useless, then proceed to implement a pseudo-decentralisation agenda as a way of resolving the ongoing conflict. Take this seriously.

Let every Abo-original Anglophone of Southern Cameroons origin, (whether in support of the revolution or not) take this very seriously, except you are amongst the slaves in the house who have sold their consciences to gain favour and bread-crumb political benefits.

Open your eyes and see what is happening. The Yaounde regime has an aggresive plot in the making. Desolving the GCE Board should sound a strong alarm to those who were still thinking otherwise.

The post sham election plot has been activated and will be executed silmultanously with the active genocide plot aimed at eliminating every young male across the territory.

For those still believing in Lrc, I have this for you; if for once you’ve ever felt marginalised under the current system, then prepare yourself for even more worser days ahead.

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It will be nothing like you have ever witnessed. You will not only soon be required to speak French in public offices, but will be required to speak French right in your own kitchen. That’s how bad it will be.
This is not a scare-mongering message. It is real. Don’t say you were not warned.

The revolution is a fight for survival. It’s not just the appropriate thing to do, it’s the only option.

Resistence is our only option.

E. Acha
26th October 2018