Wonder shall never end……Nalova Lyonga, Garbage in, Garbage Out!

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If you have never witnessed Paul Biya play his chess game of appointments, then look no further than Pauline Egbe Nalova Lyonga.
The former Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea has been parachuted to the summit after her fall from grace to the summit of the Academic chain- she is the first Anglophone in modern times to be appointed to head the Ministry of Secondary Education.
Sacked last year as Vice chancellor of the University of Buea and sent on retirement, it didn’t take long for Nalova Lyonga to bounce back in the fray as she was appointed Board Chair of the Douala General Hospital.
Make no mistake, Nalova Lyonga is a fine scholar who has threaded the academic waters bravely and safely.
But she will be heavily remembered for her poor handling of the students’ strike late in 2016 when he invited security officers into campus to beat up and arresting students who were protesting peacefully.
Her tenure as Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea was heavily marred by frequent strike actions from students as well as lecturers.
Today, she has been given another hot potato in the Ministry of Secondary Education that has failed to deal with the striking teachers who have been demanding their salary arrears for the past 25 months.

Source: https://www.journalducameroun.com/en/nalova-lyonga-garbage-garbage/

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