Why should civil societies be nominated to represent a recognized state?

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It is an irrefutable fact today that everyone is recommending dialogue as a solution to the root cause of the anglophone crisis but none of the people who are proposing for this dialogue have been able to state exactly what this root cause of the Anglophone crisis is, not even the UN nor any other nation whom have all shy away to openly state what truly is this root cause of the Anglophone problem despite that they all know what this root cause is. Weeks ago I asked a question posted on my Facebook wall asking “Whether can there be any solution for the Southern Cameroon crisis without a Legitimate Elective government as a legally constitutive authority to represent the people of Southern Cameroons?” It’s unfortunate that those of us who have had the opportunity to ask questions to some key world leaders and present our case to the media houses concerning the situation going on in the Cameroons have not been able to really articulate what exactly is the root cause of the crisis the Cameroons are facing today.
Most atimes this persons refer to the anglophone crisis to be the marginalization of the English people by the Government of La Republique Du Cameroun and as such these world leaders and media houses that be continue to state the Anglophone problem as marginalization of the English people of Cameroons and referring to the territory of the Southern Cameroons as North West and South West of the Republique of Caneroun despite being vest that this territory does not include the territory of La Republique of Cameroun at Independence. It therefore begs the question to ask; where is the territory called British Southern Cameroons which UNResolution 1608 was reached and voted for the independence of the said territory by Joining La Republique Du Cameroun?
The UN representative of the United States Ms Nikki Haley in her letter to one of the US member of Congress and also the US state Department in their public communique condemning the violence in the Cameroons referred to the territory of the Southern Cameroons as North West and South West of Cameroon means they can equally present or show to us and the world a treaty or Act of Union to support their reference of this territory as North West and South West of the Republique Du Cameroun.
The plebiscite which the People of the Southern Cameroons voted to join La Republique Du Cameroun cannot be said to be the joining in principle but rather an intent to join, and as such She nor any other person or institution cannot refer to the recognized territory of the Southern Cameroons as North West and South West of Cameroon and since they cannot show us an Act of Union then they have to be honest by recognizing the said territory and to accept the truth that there remains an incomplete decolonization of this territory.
Now the question is if they do recognize the fact that the decolonization of this territory was never completed in principle, how then can this be completed without an elective legitimate government of this people who will represent them in drawing the terms of the Union as it was to be done by the government of Foncha? Dr Munzu just as some intellectually dishonest Southern Cameroonians in a circulating malicious and manipulative audio message acknowledge the existence of an Anglophone problem but schemingly try to deceive Southern Cameroonians also by presenting an Anglophone problem to be marginalization, knowing well that the problem of the Southern Cameroons is the annexation of their territory by La Republique Du cameroon and he, suggesting the nomination from civil societies to represent the Southern Cameroonians in any supposedly to be organize national dialogue.
Why should civil societies be nominated to represent a recognized state? Why can’t Munzu propose for an election within the people of the Southern Cameroons to elect a legitimate representation that would represent them, who will inturn sit with La Republique Du Cameroun’s government in drawing out the terms of the Union in order to complete the decolonization of the territory of the Southern Cameroons as it should have been done during the days of the government of John Ngu Foncha? Great people of Southern Cameroons, I do understand that you all are clamoring and asking for a dialogue to settle the anglophone crisis going on but I urge you all to be vigilant and do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by people like Dr Munzu who is calling for a La Republique Du Cameroun’s sponsored Anglophone conference to derailed you from the truth which they are avoiding to speak out on but rather covering the truth with a language  or marginalization problem.
Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun are two distinct territories with internationally recognized boundaries with the former being annexed by the later, so go and tell Dr Munzu to be honest to himself that there cannot be a solution to the anglophone crisis without a legitimate elective government of the people of the Southern Cameroons who will respresent them in any suppose dialogue in the completion of the decolonization of the British Southern Cameroons.
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